The pregnant women and the orangutan

It’s not that the “orangutan knows the woman is pregnant,” that’s backward. It’s humans don’t know that existence is in infinite forms at all times. The orangutan knows, more about the nature of existence than the human does. This video is just that: we, existence, in two different unfolded defined forms relating to each other in an exciting way.

The baby in the woman and the animal already know each other, they are communicating. It’s the humans that devolved into NOT knowing what’s known that this scene can happen. It’s the human perspective that’s “dumb” not the miracle that an orangutan can “know” through glass. Do you see where humanity has mistakenly evolved into? We evolved into a box of limitations. Ironically, even though the orangutan is in the box it’s the humans that are “trapped” by limited perception. It’s actually that the orangutan that is free, not the humans. The orangutan has more awareness of the nature of existence. More awareness equals freedom. The orangutan is like Neo from the matrix.  The people are in the matrix and the orangutan is not. Humans have it backwards.

This human perception of separation of existence points (pregnant women and zoo animal) is what used to be problem. With modern science this is changing.

In order to just HAVE this experience, we, infinite existence must define ourselves in a certain way so this can happen. If existence was undefined there would be no observer and observed. Existence needs to force itself into billions of limited reflexive definitions just to experience this. All those definitions are within the infinite. They are “acting facilitators,” of this endeavor. They’re “characters” if you will. Forms in the content to carry out the reflexive desires of the unlimited via the entry point of a character (perspective).

The goal is not to be an infinite super being with unlimited power to mow down, dominate and interact with the environment as desired (American thought). That’s already the default case beyond what can be imagined. Existence already dominates all. The goal is to construct certain limited parameters of self, something that is known and imagined but not experienced first hand.

Life is a partitioning of the infinite to have a look at one specific experience that is interesting and exciting. This short video is just that. We are experiencing ourselves in different forms that are exciting.